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Van Tyres

Van tyres that deliver comfort, performance and great value

When your livelihood depends on your van, you deserve to not only enjoy a smooth and

comfortable ride but to drive safe in the knowledge that your tyres are durable and reliable.

At Top Gear Tyre & Service Centre in Swadlincote, we are your unrivalled local tyre expert and can provide you with tyres that give you great value and peace of mind. We’re your exclusive General Tire dealer in the Swadlincote area, offering a complete range of their highly advanced tyres.


We know what you demand from a van tyre

Whether you’re a courier, a tradesman, a technician, or a convenience shop owner, successfully achieving your task relies heavily on your van. That’s why you need a dependable tyre that’s built for the job, that offers good fuel effciency and a quiet ride, while providing you with optimum driver control, safety, and shorter braking distances.


That’s why so many van drivers choose General Tire.


Like you, they demand a tyre that they can trust, one that won’t let you down – whatever the weather.

And of course, when you’re driving all day every day, effciency is important too. Did you know that tyres can account for up to 20% of your vehicle’s fuel consumption? That’s why choosing a tyre that offers low rolling resistance can help you save money, as well as reduce your carbon emissions.


The General Tire van range

General Tire’s unrivalled range of van tyres are all designed around the central pillars of safety, control and comfort, and offer you optimum performance all year round. Each tyre is engineered to offer high performance and durability at an affordable price, while giving you the best van-driving experience.

Eurovan Winter 2

The van driver’s winter tyres of choice. The winter months are a challenge for your tyres, and the General Tire Eurovan Winter 2 is designed to take on the cold. It’s engineered for improved braking performance in cold weather conditions – 7° C and below – no matter if the road is covered with rain, ice, slush or snow, and delivers a shorter braking distance when you need it most. It also delivers superb handling and cornering stability, and thanks to wide drainage channels water is expelled from the road quickly, minimising the threat of aquaplaning and providing you with full control – even on snow or slush.


Eurovan 2

The van driver’s summer tyres of choice. The General Tire Eurovan 2 is designed to provide control and superior braking on both dry and wet roads in warm weather conditions. It’s superb on both straights and bends, and offers van drivers reduced vibration, resulting in a quieter, smoother ride. The Eurovan 2 features a tread pattern that protects you against aquaplaning – even at high speeds – letting you stay in control.


Eurovan A/S 365

The all-season tyres that offer van drivers good summer and winter driving characteristics. Optimised for stable, comfortable driving throughout the year, the General Tire Eurovan A/S 365 tyre delivers grip, precision and excellent performance on dry, wet, icy and snowy roads no matter the temperature, as well as outstanding comfort and fuel effciency.



Speak with Top Gear Tyre & Service Centre for expert tyre services and support


As your exclusive local General Tire dealer, Top Gear Tyre & Service Centre Swadlincote can offer you unrivalled professional tyre advice and support, with highly experienced, fully trained technicians that will fit your tyres and ensure that you receive a safe, comfortable driving experience. We only recommend products that we trust, and General Tire always offer the quality, reliability and value we know that you demand.


Call us today on 01283 208833 and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, why not drop in and visit us on Unit 1, Midland Road Industriasl Estate, or take a look at our General Tire range now.


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