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General Grabber X3 Tyres Available in Swadlincote

General Grabber X3

Grabber X3

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Sidewall Protection

  • A series of deflection ribs to protect the upper sidewall area. Objects are deflected away to protect penetration into the sidewall.

Duragen Technology

  • Three-ply construction on all sizes provides race-proved durability and puncture resistance. Robust compound gives excellent cut and chip resistance. Ultra high-strength steel belts ensures even footprint for confident stability.

Stone Bumpers

  • Bumpers help release stones and debris from the large deep grooves, protects the groove bottom and minimizes stone drilling. Added gauge improves puncture resistance.

Open Tread Design

  • Aggressive, open pattern for high traction in mud, dirt, sand and gravel. Evacuation channels all for quick and efficient self-cleaning action.

Quiet Street Ride

  • Each individual pitch length helps to minimize tread generated noise on the street. Remarkably quiet and comfortable for the street and aggressively talented for off-road terrain.

Multi-Angle Grip Edges

  • The open pattern increases traction with many gripping surfaces and edges, arranged at multiple angles for grip in every direction.

Full Depth Sipes

  • Optimized placement of the sipes to provide impressive wet street and snow performance. Sipes are full depth to maintain grip throughout the tire's life.

Alternating Shoulder Scoops

  • Depressed blocks alternating on the shoulders to deliver additional grip on complex surfaces. This provides all surface traction.

Sidewall Design

  • Aggressive upper sidewall designed to protect from stones, sticks and other debris. Additional traction is achieved in challenging conditions from the innovative alternating patterns.


Tyre Size
Fully fitted price per tyre
Size 15 Tyres
General Grabber X3 215/75R15 106/103Q
£120.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 235/75R15 110/107Q
£118.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 30/9.50R15 104Q
£123.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 31/10.50R15 109Q
£122.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 33/12.50R15 108Q
£156.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 35/12.50R15 113Q
£172.00 save £2.00
Size 16 Tyres
General Grabber X3 205/80R16 110/108Q
£103.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 225/75R16 115/112Q
£115.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 235/85R16 120/116Q
£142.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 245/75R16 120/116Q
£132.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 265/70R16 121/118Q
£139.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 265/75R16 119/116Q
£149.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 285/75R16 116/113Q
£156.00 save £2.00
Size 17 Tyres
General Grabber X3 245/70R17 119/116Q
£158.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 265/70R17 121/118Q
£150.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 285/70R17 121/118Q
£170.00 save £2.00
General Grabber X3 33/12.50R17 114Q
£207.00 save £2.00

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