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Services offered by Top Gear Tyre & Service Centre Ltd

Air Conditioning Recharge

Manufacturers recommend that your vehicle’s air conditioning should be recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years to keep it running effectively and efficiently.  This service isn’t usually part of your annual vehicle service so if your vehicle is over 2 years old then a recharge is probably due. Here at Top Gear we can give your air conditioning system a thorough check so please bear in mind that prices start from the one displayed but additional charges may apply. 

Battery Check

Get peace of mind with a Free Battery Check

Brake Inspection

We thoroughly inspect all areas of your braking system to detect any problems, big or small. This ensures that the safety of your vehicle is not compromised and the quality of your ride is the best it can be. Once a brake check has been conducted we can provide you with an estimate for suitable replacement / repairs to be conducted. Please feel free to contact us for further details.  


Bulb Replacement

Do you need bulbs replacing, get a quote by adding this to the basket

Diagnostics Check

A warning light on your dashboard can be a worry. With a diagnostics check the issue can be quickly identified and stop a huge expense later down the line. Prices start from £35.00 including VAT for a basic synopsis and we will advise you from that point on so please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you.   

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

A locking wheel nut key is required to remove the alloy wheels from you vehicle. If this has been lost or your vehicle wasn't supplied with one, this will result in a tyre change taking longer to complete. Locking Wheel Nut removal process does vary depending on wheel nut type and our prices start from £24.00 so rest assured - we'll ensure you aren't stuck at the side of the road next time unable to remove your locking wheel nuts  



 The MOT is your annual test to ensure your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. The test is compulsory on all vehicles over 3 years old. You can renew your MOT up to a month before it expires.  PLEASE NOTE: THAT WE USE A PAPER DIARY SYSTEM, AND CONTACTING US IS REQUIRED TO MAKE SURE A SLOT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU. PLEASE RING THE DEPOT ON 01283208833.



To ensure the smooth running of your vehicle it should be serviced once a year. A service includes a series of maintenance checks inc an oil change. Any issues due to wear and tear will also be noted should any further work be required. We offer a comprehensive servicing menu of Interim/Major/Full and Dealer requirements with pricing STARTING from £165 inc VAT. Please contact Simon or member of the team to discuss your cars needs.  .

Steering Check

Check your car is steering properly with the steering check service, highlighting any stability or issues with the vehicle pulling to either side.

Suspension Check

Due to the constant movement of suspension parts, the joints and pivots gradually wear out over time. With this in mind, we recommend regular checks of your suspension system to keep everything running smoothly and help limit unnecessary additional expense due to premature wear bring caused to your tyres and other components. To job too big or small, you can rest assured you are in the best hands here at Top Gear. 

Tyre Repair

Driving over a foreign object can result in a reduction in tyre pressure and eventually a completely flat tyre. Depending on the damage some tyres can be pop it in your basket in order for us to have a look for you.   

**This excludes run flat tyres**


Vehicle Health Check

Ensure that yourself and your car are safe on the road by bringing your vehicle in for a health check. We conduct a thorough examination covering various areas of your vehicle including tyre pressure and oil checks amongst others and highlight any causes for concern to put your mind at ease. Make a booking today ! 

Wheel Alignment

The simple act of banging a kerb or hitting a pothole can skew your wheel alignment. resulting in irregular, accelerated tyre wear and can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle along with unnecessary cost. Let us give you peace of mind and ensure you get the maximum wear from your new tyres by ensuring the wheels are correctly aligned. We offer a free check and prices start from £30.00 for a two wheel adjustment. *Please note additional charges may apply*

Wheel Balance Check

If your wheel balance is incorrect, this will cause vibration through your vehicle as well as prematurely wearing your tyres and suspension parts.

Over time, bumps and cornering will affect your wheel balance so it is recommended to have them balanced regularly so why not make an sppointment with us to have a free wheel balancing check ...we look forward to seeing you.  

Winter Check

Make sure you're ready for winter's cold spells and difficult road conditions with our ffree inter safety check. This includes everything your vehicle needs to cope with any difficulties that wintery conditions may bring including tyre health, battery, coolant and wiper blades checks amongst others.

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